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Yora Launches a Sustainable Insect-protein Food for Cats Yora Blog.jpg is excited to announce that Yora Cat is now in stock and available to order. It’s a new, planet-friendly BVA-approved kibble for cats that has been designed for cat owners who want to lower their pet’s carbon footprint, but don’t want to sacrifice on nutritional quality.

Stocking Yora Cat gives you a compelling reason to talk to customers who are increasingly reducing their meat intake for health and environmental reasons but until now, have had limited choice when it comes to sustainable meat alternatives for cats. This is because felines are ‘obligate’ carnivores, which means their diet requires nutrients only found in animal flesh.

Yora’s revolutionary insect-based pet food is made from Hermetia Illucens grubs and contains 62.5% insect protein, which is double the amount found in competitor brands, and has no animal or fish ingredients. Yora Cat, a complete food for cats, is approved by the British Veterinary Association as a novel protein source (protein from less commonly consumed animals) and is just as nutritious as free range chicken and line-caught cod. Unlike traditional livestock farming that has a significant impact on the planet, the grubs are reared in an environment that mimics their natural habitat and are fed on vegetables that would otherwise go uneaten.

In addition, Yora is hypoallergenic and easy to digest for sensitive tummies and was created with a careful balance of other sustainable ingredients, herbs and botanicals, including oats and beetroot for gut mobility and keeping hairballs at bay; seaweed for gut health, strong bones and thyroid health; glucosamine and chondroitin extracts to help protect joints; and chicory pulp, an excellent prebiotic that promotes healthy gut flora.

Packaged in eye-catching recyclable bags with a distinctive purple look, Yora Cat is an essential addition to your shelves when catering for eco-conscious consumers. A full price breakdown can be found in the Yora section of the website so login now and place your order today.

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