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Introducing Green Elk - Eco-friendly Pet Products


Do you offer your customers a range of eco-friendly pet products? If the answer is "Yes", or even "Well, sort of" then that's excellent news - you've already started to capitalise on one of the key pet industry trends of 2022.

Up and down the country we hear from retailers who are finding more and more customers opting for sustainable and eco-friendly pet products and an increase in environmental mindfulness from them alongside a more determined 'how-can-I-reduce' mentality.

Sustainability is at the heart of most of the products supplies and our newly launched Green Elk range is no different, being perfectly suited to helping you satisfy this new category of customer with a unique offering in the marketplace of delivering sustainability without compromising on durability.

Compostable Poo Bags

An essential purchase for every dog customer, Green Elk poo bags provide a sustainable alternative to traditional bags. Made with 100% compostable corn starch they will decompose within only 90 days, leaving behind ZERO waste and no microplastics.

Certified as both home and commercially compostable, these bags can be disposed of normally, used in home composting, feed for non-edible plants or taken to a composting facility.

The plastic free packaging doubles up as a bag dispenser and results in a product with a low carbon footprint.

Naturally Shed Antlers

Green Elk Full and Half Antlers are sustainably sourced from naturally shed free roaming Red Deer. Low in fat and packed with minerals, calcium, and protein these make fantastic natural chews for dogs.

These antlers are completely unprocessed, they have simply been cut to different lengths and weights and had sharp points removed. There are options available to suit all customers, from extra small to extra large. Being a natural product no two antlers are ever the same.

In the coming days we will be launching two new antler products - a split antler with rope and a larger full antler with rope - more news on these to follow soon

Coco Buddy Toys

Customers are always looking for the next toy to purchase for their pooch. Green Elk Coco Buddy Toys are proudly eco-friendly and ultra-durable to give your customers, the very best value for their money.

The exterior of each toy is made from vegetable tanned suede, that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. Rather than using traditional synthetic materials, these use Coco fibre for the core filling. This makes this product super sustainable and safer for your customers pets.

The toys are finished off with expert stitching and only 100% natural cotton threads and non- toxic glue. From pandas to giraffes to snakes and lions, this range has much to suit the different tastes of your customers and their dogs.

To compliment the Coco Buddy range we also have the Canvas Buddy range of toys manufactured with a 100% natural canvas exterior that's both tough and durable.

Supportive Beds

Beds are a well-considered purchase for customers, with many looking for something that is supportive, easy to maintain and that suits their taste.

Green Elk beds are handmade in India using recycled material, in a unique terracotta colour and print. These are a practical choice for customers as the covers are fully machine washable with a removable inner cushion. Available in different sizes as both a mattress and cuddle bed.


To find out more about the Green Elk range or to arrange a presentation of the products for your store please contact your Area Manager or the Trade Team on 01342 710420.


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