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Great&Small Peanut Butter

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Great&Small Peanut Butter for dogs is now available!

In recent years, pet owners are increasingly aware of the need to provide enrichment and entertainment in the lives of their animals.

As a result, customers are always on the look-out for versatile treats that can be used to provide stimulation for their furry friends, and Great&Small 100% Peanut Butter fills this need perfectly.

Made with nothing but 100% roasted peanuts, this treat is a source of healthy fats and proteins, with no hidden nasties.

Whilst some peanut butters contain extra ingredients which can be harmful to dogs, this product contains no added salt and sugar, and is completely free from xylitol and palm oil.

And with an RRP of just £4.29, this is an affordable way for your customers to provide their dogs with hours of enriching fun!

This is an ideal treat for use inside toys or treat mats - the act of licking away this tasty butter provides mental and physical stimulation and keeps dogs busy!

Our Frogg range makes a perfect pairing with this tasty treat - customers can smear the treats in the grooves or use it to plug the holes, and watch their dogs figure out how to lick it all up! For a trickier puzzle, why not suggest that customers hide treats inside their Frogg toy, and then seal it shut with some Peanut Butter?


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