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Introducing Retailer Resources!


Retailer Resources are now available on our website, to help you with our world-class brands!

When logged into your account here on our website, a handy 'Retailer Resources' button will appear whenever you select one of our ranges. A click on this will direct you to a bank of resources to help you to understand and sell this chosen brand.

Containing training information, sales tips, product images and more, these resources make learning about our brands simple. In this way, you and your team will have all of the tools you need to give the best advice to your customers, ensuring that the products they choose are well-suited to their needs.

Product knowledge and training

The Retailer Resources library stores brand information all in one place and removes the need for you to research each product individually yourself. Factsheets provide you with core information, ingredients, materials and more, presented in a way that is clear and memorable. These resources can help to ensure that your whole team have the same base knowledge, to provide consistent advice to your customers.

Product images

We have also built an image library for each brand, which contains high-quality shots of each individual product and are available for use on your own website if you so choose.

Product details and pricing

In this section of the Retailer Resources library, you will find RRP price lists and web data files for all of our products.

Marketing materials

Our Retailer Resources also provide you with help to market our fantastic product ranges. Social media templates give suggestions for content related to our products, which contain key information and highlight the benefits of our brands. These have been created to save you the time needed to create your own posts; simply copy and paste ours onto your own pages, remembering to insert your own business name or website where instructed!

Within this section, you will also find images which can be used in conjunction with the templates mentioned above to craft the perfect social media posts.

Here you will also find assets such as brand logos and banners, which you can use to promote these ranges in store.

Sales tips

Within our Retailer Resources we also include tips to help you with the sale of our products. These can include info sheets that highlight the benefits of our products over others on the market, or images that showcase certain features of particular items or ranges. We are even working on a series of training videos so you can watch and listen to one of our experts taking you through key aspects of our products.

Our hope is that these resources help you to become your customers' first stop for pet advice!


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