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Chew On Pheasant and Berry now available

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Introducing a fantastic addition to our Chew On range from Great&Small: Chew On Pheasant and Berry! Available in 12cm and 17cm bones, these new hide chews add an exciting new flavour to one of our most popular ranges. 

Made with only the highest quality hide, with ingredients fully traceable from chew to farm, Chew On is an excellent and affordable range to suggest to your customers. It uses whole pieces of rawhide from back to belly, which makes for a longer-lasting product and a more satisfying and stimulating chew for your customers' dogs. The ingredients for these chews are also entirely sourced from the EU, to reduce our carbon footprint (or perhaps pawprint would be more appropriate!).

Chew On are leading the way with the very latest in hide technology. Using a 24-hour, constant, clean water washing process ensures Chew On hide has not made contact with any cleaning chemicals or other nasties. To be sure of this, this range is independently tested so we can be certain that it is 100% safe for pets.

So why not help your customers to tempt their dog with this tasty and affordable new addition to the range?


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