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Now in stock from McAdams - The world's finest pet food, designed for sensitive dogs!

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Now in stock from McAdams - The world's finest pet food, designed for sensitive dogs!

McAdams Sensitive takes the same signature approach found throughout the brand, focusing on the use of RSPCA Assured, high welfare, free-range meat coupled with hypoallergenic superfoods.

To ensure that this new recipe is gentle on the stomach, McAdams Sensitive uses 60% fresh, boneless, free-range turkey meat as its single protein source, gently blended in a hypoallergenic recipe for sensitive dogs. In fact, McAdams Sensitive is entirely unique, in that it is first food worldwide to be made from Whole British Free-Range Turkey, meaning it is packed with only the highest quality protein to support development, and is free from meat meal and stripped carcass.

This is a considerable difference from most other ‘sensitive’ recipes that customers may be familiar with, which are often made with heavily processed meat derivatives or meal, from farms that do not prioritise animal welfare.

It delivers this new protein source alongside premium ingredients, such as Green Lipped Mussel, which is sustainably caught off the shores of New Zealand and is a wonderful source of naturally occurring chondroitin and glucosamine, supporting those growing bones and heavily used joints throughout a dog’s life.

Whilst fish oils can be a very beneficial ingredient in dog foods, owners of dogs that have intolerances to fish will often comment that it can be hard to find good quality foods that are free from such ingredients. In place of fish oils, McAdams have opted for the use of algae oil, which has fantastic benefits for skin and coat, whilst also reducing the likelihood of allergic responses.

The addition of hand-cut Irish kelp provides a rich mix of minerals, keeping a dog’s entire glandular system healthy and ensuring that metabolism is well regulated. As well as this, kelp helps to ensure that this complete food contains high levels of DHA, supporting brain development and retinal function.

McAdams Sensitive is available in Small Breed and Medium/Large Breed sizes. As with the rest of the McAdams range, this is a complete dry food and is designed by McAdams chefs to be super-satisfying when fed on its own. This combined with the gentle, slow cooking process ensures a highly aromatic and tasty food. In fact McAdams Sensitive scores 95% on a Pepsin digestibility test, one of the highest scores of any food available today!

If you are looking to provide variety, suggest pairing this food with McAdams wet trays; made with real pieces of free-range turkey cooked with garden vegetables, this food perfectly complements the taste of McAdams Sensitive!

At £2.60 per day to feed an average 15kg dog, McAdams Sensitive is also an affordable choice, for those customers looking to ensure their pooch gets the highest quality food, without breaking the bank!


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