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Why Yora is ideal for your eco-conscious customer


Yora is the world’s most sustainable pet food, made using insect protein, it is one of the most innovative brands featured here on We.Pet. Insect protein is widely tipped to be the ultimate alternative to traditional meat with the British Veterinary Association labelling it “a fantastic opportunity” for pet food diets and that “there’s a really exciting future for the use of insect protein.” This food was established with a team of expert entomologists and pet food nutritionists and took 5 years to develop. Yora uses only Hermetia illucen larvae because of their complex amino acid structure and bioavailability.

Yora would be great for pet owners looking to reduce their environmental pawprint. With insects producing up to 95% less of an impact on the environment than meat. Yora incorporates three main environmental factors; land and water use and carbon emissions.

Yora Pet Foods is a Brighton based company and the whole range is made in Britain. The black soldier fly larva are supplied by Protix, in the Netherlands, who run an ultra-high tech, vertical farming system that gives back to the environment. The Insects are fed on vegetable waste which would otherwise go to landfill. They also produce an excellent fertiliser as a waste product which helps farmers to grow more crops. The grubs have an incredible conversion rate of protein to growth. With just a teaspoon of eggs Yora can collect 100kg of protein in just 14 days, which means that there is no need to assist growth with hormones, which is common in commercial agriculture. Yora’s grubs are also disease free so there is no need for antibiotics. Hormones and antibiotics can be passed on through ingestion of meat which can affect pet’s development. The subtraction of this means pets are getting an all-natural protein source.

Nutritionally, insect is an easily digestible protein source, the grubs, as they are fondly known, are proven to be even gentler on the stomach than chicken which means that pet owners can expect firm stools and better digestion for their pooch. The hypoallergenic formula is gluten free and uses a combination of oats, potatoes and natural botanicals to compliment it’s 40% insect base.



Leah from Brighton, and her two dogs, Binky and Buddy, switched to Yora from a standard dog food. Fussy Buddy would often leave his dinner and refuse to eat other dry kibble food, when introduced to Yora he couldn’t help himself and would finish the bowl every time. Thanks to its high digestibility and delicious taste, Leah has continued to feed Yora to keep her two Jack Russells happy and healthy.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about Yora, the world's most sustainable pet food.


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