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McAdams Launches New Freeze Dried Raw Preserve Dog Food

WP-MCA-RP-Aug-Blog.jpg is thrilled to announce that McAdams Raw Preserve is now available to order. The same fantastic quality as McAdam’s dry foods but freeze dried to preserve the nutrients and quality that can get lost through cooking.

The revolutionary freeze dried process starts by blending the raw ingredients, then quickly frozen and the moisture removed by a special vacuum, without removing the nutrients and flavour. Raw Preserve is then digested by your dog in the same way as raw.

Raw food can contain between 60-70% of water, by removing this from the raw meat, McAdams are able to pack 500g of fresh meat into 150g of Raw Preserve. For example a 20kg dog who might need 500g of raw per day, would only need 150g of Raw Preserve.

Like the whole McAdams range, Raw Preserve doesn’t contain any meat meal or grains, it’s made with free range chicken from high welfare British farms, as well as sweet potatoes, redcurrants, salmon oil, joint care, and botanicals for all the nutrients and energy dogs need.

Raw Preserve is a fantastic alternative to raw feeding, with the same nutritional quality as raw diets without the hassle of storing in the freezer. This high quality premium food will stand out on your shelves and a fantastic addition for your customers wanting to give their dog’s the very best nutrition.

A full price breakdown can be found in the McAdams section on our website, login now and place your order.


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