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Why choose exists to support the independent pet sector.

Our goal is to provide a wide range of unique, sustainable and desirable products that will only be available to pet owners through your independent outlets and will reward you with loyal customers who will tell all their friends about your business and the fantastic products you sell.

We only want to bring our products to market via the independent pet trade because we believe it’s the only channel where our customers can get the face-to-face contact and subsequent expert knowledge needed to sell our products successfully.

By working in partnership, we can make your business the primary destination for your local pet owners, with products that will give them happy and healthy pets. Our products will offer them outstanding value for money through stimulating toys, high quality accessories and some of the most natural and nutritious foods on the market.

Tried and tested brands with unique benefits.

Our products are tried and tested with a loyal customer base. We pride ourselves on stocking sustainable, quality products.

Our diverse offering ensures we have something for every pet owner, at a variety of attractive price points. Our range is always expanding, this is just a flavour of what’s available.

Sense6 Fit Healthy UB
Yora UB

1. Sense6

Complete cat food made using neurocuisine, the science of palatability to optimise taste.

2. Cheshire Cat's Garden

Fun and delicious pouches for all cats in a variety of balanced flavours.

3. Yora

The UK’s first complete insect based food. Yora is endorsed by vets, and boasts a wide range of benefits.
Maizy M12 M24

4. Peter & Paul

No compromise wild bird mixes fortified with NutrAvio.

5. More

A benefits-driven, natural, complete pet food for cats and dogs in a variety of tasty flavours.

6. Maizy

100% Natural Puffed Sweetcorn. Ultra absorbent and fast clumping for optimum performance.
GA Turkey 22

7. Felipure

An effective clay-based antibacterial coated cat litter which blocks odours for up to 72 hours.

8. McAdams

Made from whole, British free-range chicken. A high welfare and cruelty-free food for the discerning dog-lover.

9. Greenacres

A hypoallergenic, complete dog food. Made in Great Britain. A wholesome, entry-level food.
Chew On

10. Devini

A high level of digestible fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, a complete wet food for dogs.

11. Tribal

A cold pressed dog food made with fresh meat and fish, 80% meat gourmet sausages and natural hand baked treats.

12. Chew On

100% natural chews, made from high quality rawhide and sourced in the EU.
Pine magic

13. Hooked

The finest and sustainably sourced natural fish treats for dogs, free from processed meats and cereals.

14. Ecopet

Essential household cleaners made with an eco friendly formula, 100% safe, vegan and recyclable packaging.

15. Pine Magic

A natural cat litter made from 100% recycled pure wood pellets, biodegradable and odour absorbent.
Norah's Rabbit
King Catnip
Natural and Delicious

16. Norah's

100% natural and nutritious nuggets for small animals. Made in the UK with no added colours or flavours.

17. King Catnip

Natural treats and handmade toys made in the UK, with 100% organic North American catnip.

18. Natural & Delicious

A range of wet and dry cat foods made using Cold Infusion Technology to preserve nutritional quality and palatability.
GS Tennis Balls
Zealandia Dog Lamb

19. Great&Small

Great&Small offer high quality products that last longer in the real world: from handmade British beds to 99% rubber toys and chews.

20. Zealandia

Made in New Zealand, Zealandia offers a sustainable and ethical range of pet foods that provide 100% natural and balanced nutrition.